New National recommendation

The new national recommendation for daily activity in Finland – all exercise is worth it

UKK Institute, a Finnish Centre for Health Promotion Research published a new national recommendation for daily activity on 21st of October.

Along with exercise, the updated recommendation strongly highlights the importance of breaks at work and adequate sleep. The renewed recommendation also places more emphasis on light activity and taking breaks.

– Research evidence has shown that lighter exercise also has health benefits, especially for those with reduced mobility, says Tommi Vasankari, Director of the UKK Institute, Doctor of Medicine.

Even light exercise can lower blood sugar and fat levels, among other things. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and stretches muscles and joints.

– Exercise and decrease the time spent stationary should be done every day – the more often the better, Vasankari emphasizes.

The new recommendation is based on the American recommendation, which was updated in 2018.

Research has shown that abundant and prolonged, uninterrupted sitting has adverse health effects independent of other lifestyle factors. Therefore having a break at work has been highlighted already in the Recommendation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Sit Less – Feel Better, released in 2015 advising Finns to avoid excessive sitting and standing whenever possible.

In its summary, the 2015 National Recommendation stated that most adults do physically non-strenuous work, sit their way to work and also spend a lot of their free time sitting. People in school and at work should change their everyday lives in order to avoid sitting. It is good to walk or cycle short distances to hobbies, school, work or shops, take the stairs instead of the elevator and change positions to avoid sitting. Schools and offices can introduce active work stations and methods and take more active breaks.

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