In English

Dear all,

Warm welcome to join our ski team activities even if You would not be fluent in Finnish! We’ll use English in our training groups and other operations as needed, and offer roles in team support activities for the whole family.

Contact for queries: Pasi Rajala, 040 5464925, email: hiihto(at)

Our key offering are cross-country skiing schools for kids, teenagers and adults. All training is visible in training calendar (only in Finnish).

In summertime (May-August), we offer training sessions 1-3 times a week for age groups 9-11, 11-13 and 13-16. Training includes wide variation of outdoor training for skills needed in skiing. We use ski poles also on summer, and also some roller-ski training is included.  Price for summer season is 50 e.

In autumn (September-December), also the age group 6-9 is taken on board. For them, training consists mainly playing and games. Older age groups continue on autumn as well, of course. As soon as possible, all groups move to skiing. Autumn season costs 80 e.

In winter season (December – March/April), all training is on skis. Focus is on technique, both classic and skating. Groups will grow for winter season, so they may be further split by age and skill level. For adults, we offer 6 week ski school in January-February with multiple skill level groups for both techniques.

Competing skiers of age 15+ have their own training group, which organizes training on varying timelines and themes. It is possible to join as competitor in our team as well.