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Tampereen Pyrintö – the leading multisport club in Finland

Tampereen Pyrintö is a multisport club from Tampere, Finland and it was founded in 1896. Pyrintö have
nine different sport sections which are cheerleading, cross-country skiing, basketball, ski jumping,
weightlifting, speed skating, orienteering, athletics and e-sports. Pyrintö has achieved 27 Olympic medals
and is one of the most successful clubs in Finnish history. Purpose of this multisport club is to contribute
physical education, fitness and elite-sports for club members. Ilkka Vilonen is the chairman of Tampereen

Cheerleading have over 700 members from children and youths to adults. There are four different groups
of age (3-6,7-13, 13-15 and 16-) and over 30 teams. Operation consist of trainings, competitions, events
and other organized activities. Cheerleading focuses on girls and women sports.

Cross-country skiing is one of the leading cross-country skiing clubs of the Tampere region. There are
members from kids to adults and elite athletes as well as amateurs. Pyrintö is experienced organizer of
competitions and is organizing several skiing competitions during winter time. Pyrintö is having a skiing
school for kids and adults as well as training groups for the elite skiers.

Basketball is successful and large section of Pyrintö. Men’s team has won three titles (2010, 2011 and 2014)
of Korisliiga which is the highest tier of professional basketball in Finland. Women's team is now playing in
the 1st division. Alongside other sections of Tampereen Pyrintö, also basketball have a good reputation as a
to develop own players from kids to the pro-level. Pyrintö is also having good teams and quality trainings in
kids, juniors and amateurs.

Ski jumping is organizing trainings and competitions in Hervanta with three different hills (HS10, HS25,
HS47). All the hills have also summer conditions.

Weightlifting section has always been one of the best weightlifting clubs in Finland and its purpose is to be
one also in the future. Pyrintö has many elite-lifters as well as juniors and amateurs. Pyrintö organizes
weightlifting courses and trainings for youths and adults.

Orienteering section has long traditions and a lot of merits in both national and international orienteering.
Pyrintö have won Jukolan Viesti three times in a row 1960-1963 and Venlojen Viesti four times (1994, 1999,
2003, 2010) as well as Tiomila women's relay (1990, 1991, 2011, 2019). Pyrintö has several international
elite runners from Finland and other countries. Pyrintö arranges orienteering school “oravapolkukoulu” for
kids at the age of 4 to 13 and training groups for juniors and adults with different levels of orienteering

Athletics section of Tampereen Pyrintö is one of the most successful athletic clubs in Finland throughout
history. Also, Pyrintö is nowadays one of the biggest athletics clubs and achieves dozens of medals each
year in Finnish Championships. Pyrintö has training groups for all ages and different experience levels.

Tampereen Pyrintö has The Finnish Olympic Committee “Tähtiseura”-certificate in four different sports
(cheerleading, basketball, orienteering and athletics) for kids and juniors and one for elite-sports

Tampereen Pyrintö is experienced national and international event organizer. In recent years, Pyrintö has
organized for example IAAF World U20 Championships (2018), Finland-Sweden athletics international
match (2016 and 2018) and European Athletics U23 Championships (2013). Annually Pyrintö organizes
Tampere Half marathon, international Delfin Basket Tournament, orienteering competitions Grano Games,
weightlifting competitions Rönnin-kilpailut and athletics Tampere Junior Indoor Games.